The maximum likelihood (ML) tree based on combined LSU, ITS, SSU, tef1-α, and rpb2 sequence data. Bootstrap support values with an ML greater than 75% and Bayesian posterior probabilities (PP) greater than 0.95 are given above the nodes, shown as “ML/PP”. The tree is rooted with Occultibambusa bambusae (MFLUCC 13–0855) and Neooccultibusa thailandensis (MFLUCC 16–0274). New species and collections are indicated in red; while the type strains are in bold black.

  Part of: Wang W-P, Shen H-W, Bao D-F, Lu Y-Z, Yang Q-X, Su X-J, Luo Z-L (2023) Two novel species and three new records of Torulaceae from Yunnan Province, China. MycoKeys 99: 1-24.