Cultures and anamorph of T. nigricans strain T32781 a–d cultures on different media at 25 °C with a 12 h light and 12 h darkness cycle after 7 d (a on PDA b on MEA c on CMD d on SNA) e Conidiation pustules on PDA after 7 d f conidia g, i–k conidiophores and phialides (g, k on CMD 3d i on PAD 3d j on SNA 3d,) h chlamydospores. Scale bars: 10 μm (f–k).

  Part of: Zhao R, Mao L-J, Zhang C-L (2023) Three new species of Trichoderma (Hypocreales, Hypocreaceae) from soils in China. MycoKeys 97: 21-40.