Phylogram of Phyllosticta genus resulting from a maximum likelihood analysis based on a combined matrix of ITS, LSU, tef1, act and gapdh loci. The tree is artificially rooted to B. obtusa (CMW 8232) and B. stevensii (CBS 112553). ML bootstrap values (left, ML-BS ≥ 50%) and Bayesian posterior probabilities (right, BYPP ≥ 0.9) are given at the nodes. Ex-type strains are indicated in bold. Strains from the present study are marked in blue.

  Part of: Wang C-B, Yang J, Li Y, Xue H, Piao C-G, Jiang N (2023) Multi-gene phylogeny and morphology of two new Phyllosticta (Phyllostictaceae, Botryosphaeriales) species from China. MycoKeys 95: 189-207.